Who We Are


We are a holistic hair transplant and wellness center dedicated to helping you discover health and rediscover vitality.

Our physicians combine the best of conventional and holistic medicine with state of the art equipment to provide comprehensive care and treatment to their patients.
The new techniques we offer to maximize the results of a hair transplant are unique and a first in the hair transplant industry.
Hair transplants can be expensive. A FUE using either Neograft or Artas Robatic Hiar Transplant typically runs about $6 to $10 per graft in Manhattan. Or $15,000 to $25,000 for 2,500 grafts.
If you are not prepared for your surgery, there is a strong possibility that you may land up losing up to 50% of the grafts over time, due to lack of proper pre-surgical preparation and post-surgical treatment.
We strongly encourage our potential patients to ask the hair transplant center they are going to be using, about pre and post surgical therapy, and steps the Surgeon takes to prepare a patient prior to transplant to maximize graft retention and hair regrowth.
You will find that they do very little in house and most of them instead refer you to our specialty center. We welcome such referrals and work closely with hair transplant clinics to

We focus on the root causes of secondary medical conditions, integrating modern medicine, holistic practices, and natural supplements to spark healing and prevent disease.

Every year, thousands of existing and new patients continue to visit us, seeking an alternative medical approach to a variety of health issues.

These include adrenal fatigue, chelation therapy, thyroid treatment, hormonal balancing, vitamin IV drips, weight loss, aging and longevity, menopause treatment, anti-aging, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. We have taken this knowledge and used it to help prepare you to maximize the results fo your hair transplant.

We welcome new patients and offer them outstanding health and healing.